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Logistics and Transportation

Logistics and transportation industry forms the backbone of any economy. Interestingly, it is also the industry that is the most fragmented, and provides the most opportunity for optimization. 
In US, only 10% of the shipments are managed by large carriers, rest are medium to small operations. The same story is repeated in every country - large or small. Our solution is aimed for the rest of the pack: those trucks that make up the remaining 90%. If you are a small trucking operation: our solutions will fit your bill (in real or otherwise).

Solution for Shippers

We have collected a set of problems that are relevant to the shippers. Review the problems that you need to deploy.

Solution for Truckers

Do you own a fleet of trucks? Do you have to come up with optimized routes for your deliveries? Then these set of models are for you.

Solution for Freight Marketplace

If you operate a freight marketplace, assigning sjipments to truckers, then theis solution is for this purpose. We also cover running freight auctions, in which we have decades of experience.