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Customer Data and Security

Security of customer data is very important to us, it goes without saying. Since we deal with customer data in the form of constants in a model, it provides us with certain advantages related to security. Let's explain in detail the steps that we take to ensure that the customer data is safe and secure in our platform.

Data Flow

The diagram here explains how customer data flows in and out of our system, and the associated security features built into the platform. Few important points:
- The platform ingests (pulls) customer data only through SSL. We work with our customers to set up necessary technology gateway to make this happen
- The associated model files are unencrypted in the disk, only for the duartion of solving the problem
- Once the model is solved, the files are encrypted and archived, for a default duration of 10 days. You have control over the archival duration, including the option of removing immediately
- The solution is delivered over SSL to any downstream application

Data Retention

Our policy is to retain minimal amount of customer data. Few important points:

- We dynamically generate a data file from the ingested data, which is used in solving an instance of the optimization problem

- Once a model is solved, we encrypt and archive all files related to the model. This is retained for a duration of 10 days (default) - this can be controlled by the user

- Beyond the retention period set by the user (or the default 10 days), only the logs from the solve job are retained (for billing and other regulatory purposes)