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We offer an optimization solution marketplace and a cloud-based SaaS offering to develop and deploy your most challenging mathematical optimization problems. Get started with high quality pre-built solutions to your business problem and tweak them as needed to reflect your reality. When you are ready, deploy them on our servers with a single-click.
myOptCloud frees you from managing solvers directly, provides easily accessible API's and a nice UI to manage your solver jobs. myOptCloud works best when integrated with your workflow, and is available as SaaS both on public and private cloud. If you want to try out the private beta, please use the contacts page and get in touch.

Free and Commercial Solvers

Not every problem needs commercial solvers to solve. We support FOSS and commercial solvers to manage your cost and experiment solving your model.

Modeling Language Support

We support developing your optimization model using a modeling language. These help you to succintly describe your problem, while let us map your variables to solvers easily. 

Billing By the Minute

Control your cost by using sophisticated hardware for solving your problem on a pay-as-you-go basis. Also available in predefined time blocks. 

Easy to Use API

Develop those applications that your industry needs, using an easy-to-use API. Embed them in your workflow - the way it makes sense.

Data Connectors

Choose from a bunch of data connectors to update your model in real-time and solve them.

Use Cases

For Consultants

Deploy your models as complete solutions for your clients. Fork an existing model from academia or industry to get started on a project, as you do on github - saves you time, enabling you to focus on customizing your model to the problem at hand. Connect models to required data sources and your client is ready to roll. Showcase your solutions to potential clients, by chosing to make your model public. 

For Businesses

Enable your consultants or your Operation Researchers/Data Scientists to easily build models for your problem, easily connect them to your data sources, and let them quickly deploy those models. Models can be run as part of a larger process, where the data from earlier steps feed into the OR model, gets solved, and the solution gets fed into the subsequent steps. All through an API driven solution managed from an easy-to-use UI.

For Academics

Developing a cool OR model for your research? Do not let the model live and die in your thesis - deploy your model with myOptCloud, connect to real-world data sources, and go-live. Showcase your model to potential clients. Demonstration of a live model is worth thousands (ok, may be a few less) powerpoint slides, don't you think?

Browse Solutions

Browse publicly available solutions from us and our partners: consultants and researchers. Why reinvent the wheel when it is already rolling somewhere else?

Fork a solution to get started - it is as easy as that.


We are a trio having more than 50 years of experience in Operations Research among us. We know what it takes to develop a solution, starting at expressing the model using modeling languages, bringing in disparate data sources to formulate the model, juggle with solver parameters to get a solution, and then finally deploy it so that the model is solved with data refresh. We have faced the problems first hand, and have created this solution to specifically address each of the pain points in the process on one platform. Meet us - happy to meet you.

Bjarni Kristjansson

Srini Nandiraju

Samik Raychaudhuri