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Setup your optimization workflow in three easy steps below.

Setup Model

Setup the model to solve. You can either chose an existing models from our model library and then tweak it, or you can enter your own model code. Existing models are developed mostly in Mathprog. Your own model can be written in one of the following three supported format: Mathprog, MPL or CPLEX LP format.

Setup Data Source

Setup the data sources you are expecting to use in this model. We support using heterogeneous data sources in the same model: some data might be provided by a google spreadsheet while some other data might come from a database.

Setup Solve Job

Setup the job to solve an instance of the model. The problem instance is generated in real time by pulling in the current data from the specified datasources, solved using a solver of your choice, and the result returned as JSON to use in your workflow.

Schedule the solve job: